16 oct. 2013


1. J.Crew turtleneck sweater
2. Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses
3. Rebecca Minkoff  earrings
4. Topshop animal chain box bag
5. Helmut by Helmut Lang skinny pants
6. Michael Kors watch
7. Losselliani set of 7 rings
8. Alexander Wang booties 
1. Jersey de cuello alto de J.Crew
2. Ray-Ban modelo Wayfarer 
3. Pendientes de Rebecca Minkoff
4. Bolso de Topshop
5. Pantalones pitillo de Helmut Helmut Lang
6. Reloj de Michael Kors
7. Anillos de Losselliani 
8. Botines de Alexander Wang

3 comentarios:

  1. I can't breathe in turtlenecks but everything else about this outfit seems to be just perfect. I especially dig the boots though. so sharp and edgy!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  2. I love that outfit :) Nice silver and crisp look.


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