26 jul. 2013


Enjoying the vacation to the fullest, that's what I'm doing these days :)
Family days, beach, French villages and delicious food... this is life! 
Here you have a compilation of my instagram photos to show how my week is going so far. 
Hope you're having a good one!
Disfrutando de las vacaciones al máximo, eso es lo que estoy haciendo estos días :) 
Días de familia, playa, pueblitos franceses y mucha comida rica... esto es vida! 
Os dejo con un recopilatorio de mis fotos de instagram que muestran un resumen de la semana. 
Espero que lo esteis pasando igual de bien!

10 comentarios:

  1. Amazing!

    Have nice Days ,kisses <3

  2. not as good as you, obviously :D working just can't be as good as paradise beach. well and your vacations are always driving me crazy since they're like taken from a film or magazine. what can I say, lucky you!! ;) oh and our weather sucks too. it totally does so I think I have to go shopping instead of beach.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  3. Wow María, que fotos tan chulas, pásalo muy bien preciosa!!!!!!!!!!
    Un beso enorme

  4. Que preciosidad de fotos! me encanta el detalle de las sombrillas de rayas ;)


  5. first time I stopped byt o your blog and what can I say it is very cute :)) love it :)) let me know if u would ;like to follow each other, Follow u on bloglovin.kiss

  6. pero que envidia! yo también quiero!

  7. ive been loving seeing all your pics on instagram!! since im not going away anywhere this summer, ive been living vicariously through your pics :P btw thanks for your sweet comment! the surroundings in my pics are in my backyard :)


  8. Me encantan los momentos Instagram! Son geniales tus fotos!!
    Disfruta!! Muchos besos!!

    Lucia Gallego Blog


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